Insider tips for shopping enthusiasts in Munich

What is special about Munich and Parsdorf is that here are still really unique shopping experiences. For this we disregard any online shops and indulge in looking, touching, smelling, trying and trying on, as shopping is more than the mere fulfillment of product wishes. And because shopping is a perfect pastime in the cold season, here is now our list no. 1 for special shopping tips.


Within walking distance from the Best Western Plus Hotel Erb: The Innthaler Trachtenwelt (traditional costumes).

A traditional company from Rosenheim, offers 1,200 sales areas in the Heimstettener Straße 1 (in front of Segmüller). Here is every traditional costume for him and her that the heart desires. You would not just believe how important it is that the Lady does not just wear a Dirndl on many occasions. It must be of course the right one for the occasion: there is a festive Dirndl for the Innthaler costume world, the beer garden Dirndl, the everyday Dirndl, the cheeky Dirndl (maybe for Oktoberfest), the Dirndl for family celebrations, the Dirndl for the young and the old, and of course the matching accessories. The husband is dressed to match. Take a look yourself:


Delicacies for home: The Käfer delicacy market in Parsdorf City

Open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00 hours. On an area of 800m2 just simply shop really delicious and high-quality specialties. Ham, cheese, fish (Wednesday and Friday delivered fresh from the Parisian market halls), appetizers, wine, and much more. Also, a perfect gift for the loved ones at home. It does not need to be always a gingerbread heart.


Il Profumo– the special perfumery in Parsdorf City

There is hardly a famous perfume brand that you cannot find here. What is right for me and for whatever occasion, is here perfectly answered. Our guests always smell great, when they come back to the hotel from Profumo. Besides the selection, the private perfumery in Parsdorf city scores with the advice from especially competent experts.


Something for real men: Gasoline Alley in the Corneliusstraße 5, in 80469 München

Over the A94, you are there in 20 minutes from the Best Western Plus Hotel Erb. The shop is close to the English gardens, you can then straight away take a walk in your new leather jacket. The owner, Burkhard Pflug, has obviously turned his hobby into a career. Here you will find the cool leather jackets, that Jack Nicholson also wore, flight jackets from the world wars, shoes and boots with cult character, sunglasses for real guys, and much more. Not only for bikers, but also for pilots, sailors and city cowboys. Websites are not really Burkhard’s strength, eh well:


When a vegetable store turns into a confectionery, then you have found the GötterSpeise

This is not for the lactose intolerant or vegan people (although vegan chocolate definitely belongs to the assortment). The shop of Priri Sarah Henseler is lavish and Baroque and life is dedicated to pleasure and the truly beautiful tasty things. Chocolate in exotic variations, teas from the Far East, macrons and many other things, just to enjoy lustfully.  An attractive, wonderful store with an integrated Café. Afterwards our running track is the right choice again…. in the Jahnstraße 30 in 80460 München. Mon. to Fri. 8:00 to 19:00 and Saturday 9:00 to 18:00 hours.



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Insider tips for shopping enthusiasts in Munich

What is special about Munich and Parsdorf is that here are still really unique shopping experiences. For this we…

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