Approx. 10 km

You leave the hotel and turn once to the right and straight away again to the left. Remain on the right side of the road. After 20m, turn right and run towards the main street. Then turn right again towards the town centre. Shortly before the church, after about 200m, keep to the left in the direction of Purfing, which is indicated by a small yellow sign.

The Purfinger road leads you past the school, the football field and a plant nursery, passing fields, meadows and into the forest. After about 350m you will reach a beautiful forest, where you can enjoy nature on your route. The forest path, which is of slight gravel, leads in summer past wild growing raspberries. The route through the forest along the main path, is about 4.5km long. Alternatively, in the forest, you can also turn into small side paths that lead back to the main road. At the end of the forest you turn and run back along the same path to the hotel.

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