Sea Life

Munich’s large aquarium in the Olympic Park provides you with unique insights into the species-rich and fascinating underwater world. You will follow the flow of water from the source of the Isar River, through the Danube and the Black Sea until the Mediterranean port and the tropical ocean.

An unforgettable dive waits for you, all without getting wet. In SEA LIFE you will meet among others the curious octopus Otto, turtle Gonzales, delicate seahorses and finally, the nurse sharks Bonnie and Carlos. They also are part of the MISSION SHARK, the largest diversity of sharks in Germany with over 20 different shark species. Learn in depth about Pyjama sharks, blacktip reef sharks or Japanese Wobbegong sharks and accompany the fascinating sea creatures through three interactive discovery zones on their breathtaking journey through life. Find out about their habitat, their anatomy and the dangers which threaten them and help the MISSION shark: Preserve. Save. Protect.

Since March you can also dive into the Bay of starfish and discover the world of echinoderms. Among others the largest starfish species of the world belongs to the inhabitants: the sunflower sea star.

The SEA LIFE is open from 10:00h daily. More information under

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